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is a CD and book author, professor, Yoga & Meditation teacher, and radio show host.

Her CDs of Guided Meditations, Relaxations & Affirmations have been described as both beautiful and highly effective, with a diversity of meditations placed to exquisitely chosen background music. And her soothing voice has been described as "crystalline."

Her classes at L.A.s Yoga West—home of Kundalini Yoga—have been praised as both restorative and transformational.


(Not on certain Saturdays. Check schedule at Yoga West.)
10:30am - 12 Yoga West**
1535 South Robertson Blvd., L.A., CA 90035 (Cost: See Yoga West for 1st-time discounts!)

dhanpal @ presenceyoga . org (remove spaces)

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Praise for Presence Yoga

My favorite part was the breathing techniques. I actually felt the effects. The slower the breaths became, the more calm I felt. The deepness of breath was important. The one that made the most difference to me was the one that emphasized taking deep breaths in through the nose then exhaling as a whistle. The initial uncomfort and strangeness helped ease me from being on edge like I always am. ~Jamie

I followed professor Donna's charming voice and I sang with a happy and grateful heart. It seemed like everything in the world was not important any more. ~Thom

When we lay down on our backs and relaxed every part of our bodies, Donna hit the gong and made this unequalled sound that pierced into my body and comforted my mind. I consider that as a "spiritual massage." ~Maria

After the class was over, I went out with my friends and they all realized that there was something completely different with me. They told me that I was so calm and relaxed; I told that I had gone to a yoga class a few hours ago. ~Alex

The relaxation that I get from this class every time I go, is indescribable. Yet, I get the work out that I am looking for. The type of music that you use during the class makes me feel like I am in another world. ~Vincent

Thank you, Dhanpal. You have given me real tools that I can use. The other day, I remembered to breathe as you showed me and I was able to bring my anxiety way down. ~David

KRI Certified
(Levels 1; 2; 3)
Member IKYTA
(International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association)